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Off Road Overdrive

In the great car racing game Off Road Overdrive, you are tasked with driving your car across vast terrain to reach the finish line before your opponents. With a two-dimensional layout, this game challenges players to keep their car balanced and reach the goal before running out of gas.

The best method to get a perfect score is to continuously play Challenge mode with different terrains such as Snow, Beachwear, Field, Desert and Dark Night. Even on flat surfaces, you will have to rely on your balance and steering abilities! By pressing two buttons, you can maintain control of a car in the Off Road Overdrive game and make sure it stays on the right track. In addition, your car's gas tank will run out at some point, you need to quickly go to a nearby gas station to refuel before reaching your destination. You can unlock various terrains with the coins you collect, although you may have to complete a certain number of levels before being able to do so in some cases.


  • Easy tractor with simple controls.
  • Interesting and difficult levels available.
  • The scene is so vivid.

How To Play

  • Click to start the race.
  • Use arrow keys to control your car.

Playing this game will definitely captivate you for longer than you might expect, thanks to its attractive appearance and engaging gameplay. In addition, you can also search for other racing games in our Racing & Driving collection!


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