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Only Up Parkour 2

In the thrilling game Only Up Parkour 2, you will experience thrilling challenges, overcome them and climb unprecedented heights to advance to the next level. The goal is to get your character through an extremely tall and obstacle-filled vertical maze.

Navigating the main character through a vertical maze full of dangers is your task. Obstacle avoidance and acrobatics require quick reflexes, precise jumping and skillful climbing. As players attempt to reach heights of up to 500 meters, the game's increasing complexity keeps them hooked and presents constant challenges. Thinking quickly, jumping accurately and climbing proficiently are the three most important skills. Stay alert all the way, in case a head-on collision with the barrier or a fall awaits you at any time. Start the game right away and see if you can achieve success!


How To Play

  • Move using WASD.
  • Spacebar to jump.
  • Hover the mouse to see the surrounding terrain.

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