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Pandjohng Solitaire

Welcome to Pandjohng Solitaire! When playing this game you will need to use humor and encouragement to get through the challenging levels of the game. All 80 levels in the game must be completed to get all 80 free pandas. Along with the regular playsets, each outfit now comes with its own set of toys in this version of the game. An additional attack and points will be rewarded if you click on the panda. One card at a time, you are instructed to remove one card from your stack. Make sure that the card you have drawn is one point greater or less valuable than the card you are trying to discard.

How to play Pandjohng Solitaire

It is necessary to clear the playing field of all cards while keeping the cards in your stockpile from being depleted in order to complete a level. If there are no cards on the top, right or left side, the deck is open to play.


How To Play


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