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Parkour Block 2

About Parkour Block 2

Parkour Block 2 is a video game in which the player's objective is to traverse a variety of environments and reach a portal in the game's levels' centers. Experience the thrill of your favorite classic skill game in the convenience of your computer's or mobile device's web browser right now! You may look forward to more content, fresh mechanics, and a more taxing adventure. The second installment of the 3D platforming series Parkour Block brings back the pixelated visual style. If you enjoy games like Minecraft and parkour games, you will probably like this. Watch your step, for tripping and falling into the lava will be fatal. The game will test your logic and reflexes. Come join the party right now!

How to play Parkour Block 2

Jump using Space, walk with WASD, run with Left Shift, and double escape from any screen to access the mobile menu and touch controls for Parkour Block 2 on your desktop.


How To Play


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