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Parkour Block obby

Parkour Block obby is a fun platform game in which players have the opportunity to freely explore several different maps and complete obstacles. Collect diamonds, buy costumes and be the first to finish the game!

To access the following maps, they must first complete some initial maps. You should start with easy moves and earn enough diamonds before moving on to the next levels. As you progress through the levels, you will encounter new gameplay mechanics, new objectives to complete, and more game features. It is possible that the platforms you move to and from may differ in shape and size as you progress through the Parkour Block obby game. Additionally, each new diamond you obtain also counts as a new checkpoint. Make an effort to perform well and in return you will be rewarded with titles. Remember to spend your money in the store as this is where you can buy new skins for Obby.

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move the character and Space to jump over obstacles.

If you like challenging games, check out Obby Parkour Ultimate to experience it!

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