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Parkour GO

Parkour Go is a fun arcade game. In this game, the player must overcome many obstacles using acrobatic skills. To get to the finish line, you'll need to scale them up quickly and competently. Your freestyle will be put to the challenge on complex obstacle courses that require you to jump, sprint, slide, and expand various obstacles. There are areas where you can freely roam and test different stunts, and there are other courses with checkpoints that follow a predetermined path from start to finish. You need to develop your abilities and participate in parkour training. The interesting nature of the experience can be attributed to the level design and gameplay mechanics. Let's see if you are the "Agility Master" okay?

How to play Parkour Go

Use WASD KEYS to interact.

ESC button to pause

The C key for the views can be switched between the third person and the first person


How To Play


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