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Penalty Kick Online

About Penalty Kick Online

Fun and exciting, Penalty Kick Online puts you in the position of a soccer player about to take a penalty kick. Remember that each team only gets 15 shots per game, so you'll want to use them wisely. Here, you'll take free kicks and attempt to score by sending the ball between the goalposts. Finally round up your library of digital games and show off your accomplishments. The stakes escalate as more and more goalkeepers are added. At the end of the fifth inning, the team with the most goals has won. Feel the adrenaline rush of a penalty kick as though you were there for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final. Gaining access to the world championship is as simple as entering the competition. with top-tier squads and a knack for making highlight reel saves. How many goals can you expect to score in the same game, Football Legends 2021?

How to play Penalty Kick Online

Aim the kicker's shot by clicking and dragging the ball with the mouse. In order to block the shot like a goalie, you need to slide the pointer to the right.

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