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Penalty Kick Wiz

About Penalty Kick Wiz

Penalty Kick Wiz game requires players to lace up football boots and test their free kick skills to win the most favorable way. Select a nation and try to guide them to a World Cup triumph. Examine the athlete's demeanor both after he scores and after he fails to do so. The creators of the wildly successful Penalty Shooting game are also responsible for this gorgeous 3D offering. It's easy to pick up the rules, and even easier to hone your skills to a high level. Because football is a very easy sport to learn and play, it is easy to get absorbed in the comparable game Penalty Shooters 2 for long periods of time.

How to play Penalty Kick Wiz

If you want to shoot, just press and hold a button until the crosshair appears over your intended target. Relax your grip. To avoid harm, you must first identify your opponent's objective and then touch it while paying close attention.

How To Play


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