Penguin Cookshop


Penguin Cookshop

About Penguin Cookshop

In Penguin Cookshop, you play the role of a famous penguin with a new restaurant in the middle of Antarctica! Now he has to serve all the customers at the restaurant and serve them quickly so he really needs your help. He needs to serve everyone in the shortest possible time so that they won't leave angry. It is clear that penguins are excellent entrepreneurs. And if the speed at which this restaurant's family and chef are meeting the needs of its customers is any indication, then this quaint restaurant will be a huge success. You will need to be quick and take customer orders as quickly as possible to earn money as possible, upgrade and complete each level. Collect as much money and you can buy different upgrades with it. More money from customers, more time to serve, or make penguins faster.

How to play Penguin Cookshop

To move around and choose dishes, use the mouse or the accessibility buttons on the touch screen


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