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Pig Ball Christmas

About Pig Ball Christmas

In Pig Ball Christmas, you and a lovely pig will have an exciting journey to Antarctica and avoid the square creatures to reach the exit. Run and jump like a pig to avoid square animals and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Remember that the pig will return to the top of the level if it hits any square animal or any body of water. Therefore, you need to be cautious. You can kill them simply by jumping on top of them. Do your best to get there so you can advance to the next round. There are ten increasingly difficult stages to complete in this game. Strive to get it all done while having a great time. Playing Ball Climb will give you even more thrilling journeys, after you have gone on a journey with a cute pig.

How to play Pig Ball Christmas

To navigate, use the left and right arrow keys. To perform a bouncing jump, use the Up Arrow.

How To Play


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