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Planet Rush

Planet Rush is an endless tunnel rush game in which you take control of Earth and embark on a cosmic exploration to become an entire planet. To join the leaderboards of other players starting at the same time as you, enter your name at the start. Then see if you can beat them all!

In the original game mode, called "Classic", there are levels with increasingly difficult space tunnels and increasing target distances that your planet must overcome to progress through the level. next. Be careful not to hit too many space rocks, meteorites, and debris; Doing so will cause the planet to explode and you lose Planet Rush. Instead, expand your horizons while accumulating red diamonds, which will increase your score. There is also an Endless mode where there is no predetermined distance to reach. However, with each game, aim to go further than before, improve your score and keep collecting jewels. Are you ready to take this journey?

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys/WASD or mouse to control Earth.

The adventure won't stop here. Discover more exciting things in Giant Rush! or Wings Rush Forces and compete with your friends!

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