Playtime Horror Monster Ground


Playtime Horror Monster Ground

About Playtime Horror Monster Ground

I hope you can enjoy your stay in Playtime Horror Monster Ground! In this fascinating game you will no longer need to hide or run away from the weeping monsters claiming your mother as the next chapter will feature you as the monster. Your opponents are trying to hide themselves here because this is your own playground. You have to create a unique cartoon monster by combining different ingredients, then use it to destroy all of your enemies. Find and destroy all enemies on one level, but beware there is a caveat - can your aminatronic monsters fight the powerful bosses from the police squad? This is your personal hunting zone to use during playtime and you are free to destroy whatever you find on the level. Cross walls, receive coins, shop for additional body parts, and then combine these items to build stunning cartoon creatures to destroy your enemies. Playtime Horror Monster Ground is where you can free your inner horror artist while having a good time.

How to play Playtime Horror Monster Ground

You can use the virtual joystick or WASD keys to navigate.





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