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Police Car Line Driving

Police Car Line Driving is an entertaining 3D arcade game in which you have a chance to use a one-of-a-kind ribbon course to achieve the highest record. The goal is to ride it for a significant amount of time while maintaining a constant high speed throughout the trip.

You will be behind the wheel of a motorcycle and a police car, so you should be ready for the thrill of high-speed chases and violent pursuits. To achieve a higher score record in Police Car Line Driving, you should pursue vehicles without a valid license and cover as much ground as possible. Additionally, you will be rewarded with an additional hundred points per car instantly. Determining the runway is extremely important, there will be interruptions and you will have to fly. Not only do you have to avoid bombs for other vehicles, but you also have to do the same. In case you hit them, the game will end immediately. You will see both your current score and your best score displayed on the settlement results page. You can start over and work on improving the score you already have.


How To Play

  • Click or swipe the touch screen to move the police car.

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