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Police Car Real Cop Simulator

In the game Police Car Real Cop Simulator you will have the opportunity to play the role of a law enforcement officer and patrol the streets of the city! Be cautious when driving your police car, as well as when driving with other vehicles.

The game has many missions, each requiring you to complete a separate set of activities. You will need to drive cautiously on the road, park in safe locations, stop rule violators, chase them and complete your missions. Choose from ten cars, each possessing special qualities that can be enhanced through modification of various parts and tuning. As you progress through the game and missions, you will be able to get more guns, such as shotguns, assault rifles or even bazookas. You are likely to open fire on a criminal's vehicle if you resist arrest. Progress through the ranks and become the most effective law enforcement officer in history!

How To Play

  • WASD = moving vehicle
  • Space = jump/use handbrake
  • C key = change camera view
  • H = police signal light
  • Mouse = change weapon.

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