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Pop Adventure

Pop Adventure is a great bubble shooting game where you will be tasked with assisting some animals trapped in traps that have been set for them. Complete the mission and get rewards by matching three balls to make them explode and by clearing all the bubbles on the screen.

On the screen in front of you you will see a dog and around it there will be many bubbles of different colors. At the bottom of the screen will appear a unique device capable of shooting single bubbles of many different colors. For the purpose of determining the path your shot will take, you need to make sure that the bubbles you attack with your charge are the same color. Thanks to your actions, you will be able to eliminate them and as a reward you will receive points in the game Pop Adventure. The graphics are stunning and the overall gameplay experience is smooth and consistent, which naturally encourages us to play through as many levels as possible.

How To Play

  • Click to connect bubbles of the same color and remove them all from the playing area.

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