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Poppy PlayTime 3 Game

Poppy PlayTime 3 Game is a fun and exciting horror puzzle game where you are tasked with exploring an abandoned factory and finding a way to escape. The popular Poppy Playtime character was the inspiration for this game, and it also includes new features, such as new dolls with their own powers and personalities, new puzzles, and new areas to explore in the house. machine.

You will find yourself in a world filled with horror and injustice. There is a choice between two chapters, each with its own objectives and maps to consider. First, you will find yourself stuck in a completely empty house; To leave the villa, you will have to get the keys to each room and open them. If you want to avoid being discovered by the terrible Poppy and her companion, you should try to move and leave. You will lose health and eventually die if you are captured by one of these toys. It is possible to escape the factory momentarily, but it is not possible to escape Poppy PlayTime 3 Game permanently.


How To Play

Click to use the key to open the rooms.

Similar to the games Poppy Huggie Escape, Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie horror challenges are always waiting for you ahead. Let's explore with your friends now!

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