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Prison Escape Online

Prison Escape Online is an extremely fun crime simulation game in which you can use your skills to escape from prison or recreate the life of a thief. Your goal is to assist the main character in evading capture and escaping from prison.

It was erroneously asserted that Henry Stickman was responsible for a crime. He is currently in custody and will remain there for a significant period of time. Once put in the cell, you need to use your skills to help him leave! When you're trying to escape, nothing is off limits! However, be careful because not all exits are without risks. Before deciding how to place any of the goods that have been suggested for use, you will need to choose one of them. If you want to escape in Prison Escape Online, you need to carefully consider each step and make sure you don't get caught again. Are you ready for this dangerous escape?


How To Play

  • Click to help the character escape as quickly as possible.

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