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Raid Heroes: Total War

About Raid Heroes: Total War

In Raid Heroes: Total War, players are tasked with assembling the most powerful hero team they can in order to not only survive, but ultimately triumph over their rivals in a story-driven raid. Insecurity is reemerging all over the kingdom. There was now open warfare as the Dark Lord's army appeared at the frontier. Protect your community by erecting a fort to ward off invaders. Compete in the PvP arena with your hero team against the armies of other players. Form clans and get ready for all-out combat! Looking for a free castle game with intense battles? Look no further than the latest release, Raid Heroes: Total War. You can put your managerial and strategic skills to the test, exactly like a business mogul or military commander. This is an excellent hybrid of role-playing, strategic, idle hero, and auto-battle games. Stop listening to war stories and start living them.

How to play Raid Heroes: Total War

To enlist him, you need to collect five hero cards. It's possible to win against the raid and take down the city if you have the right cards. An individual on the opposing team can be attacked during the raid by clicking on them or by using the FIGHT button.

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