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Rainbow Noob Survivor

About Rainbow Noob Survivor

Your goal in the game Rainbow Noob Survivor is really simple, you need to get rid of the monsters, and you cannot stand still on the map. Locate all the blocks before your rainbow friends do, otherwise the clock will run out of time. However, you do not stand alone this time. Support is available in the form of your blocky companions. By default, you will start the game as a Noob; however, you can earn money by watching rewarded ads and unlocking some new and interesting characters, such as Noob Pro, Hacker and Noob King. Some of our games are just as fun, like Poppy Survive Time: Hugie Wugie.

How To Play

 Use arrows or Secret WASD Symbols to move. Use your mouse to look around, press the H button to hide, then press SPACEBAR to jump.

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