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Realistic Wheelbarrow

About Realistic Wheelbarrow

Realistic Wheelbarrow is an exciting race, you will be able to climb the mountain while balancing the wheelbarrow to enjoy the view. Your task is to take charge of the hero's activities and guide him through different dangerous areas of the road while making sure that he does not crash into cars.

Imagine a mountain, a wheelbarrow and a road full of difficult obstacles. At the start of the race, your character will stand at the starting line while pushing a wheelbarrow. Your hero will race along the road in front of you when you signal him, speed up as he goes and push a wheelbarrow in front of him. When you complete the actual game of Wheelbarrow, you will have the opportunity to pick up various objects scattered around the environment and you will be rewarded with some points with the obtained object.

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How To Play

  • Use the WASD keys to control the character.
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