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Rescue Hero

In the exciting 2D puzzle game Rescue Hero, you will play the role of a brave hero on a journey to find treasure and save the princess from monsters. Your task is to guide the hero safely through each maze-like level by carefully pulling out the pegs in the correct sequence.

To save the princess from the clutches of dragons, wolves and monsters, your hero must retrieve the buried treasure, which can only be achieved by pulling the pegs in the correct sequence. You must arm your hero, control the environment to eliminate hazards, and use checkpoints to establish safe routes. Careful preparation is required to safely recover treasure as it is often hidden by dangerous obstacles such as lava. Accumulating gold points and eggs as you progress through each level allows you to purchase new skins, build your kingdom, and take care of various pets. Hope you accumulate the most gold points!


How To Play

  • Click to avoid dangerous obstacles.

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