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Retro Street Fighter

In Retro Street Fighter, a fighting game played from a side-scrolling perspective and will make you feel nostalgic, you will travel back in time. You have the ability to control a cool guy and use your punches and kicks to destroy the bad guys on this street.

This video game has a classic look thanks to its use of two-dimensional pixelated images. Your talents will be tested as you fight your way through several distinct stages, each with its own set of enemies. You have the ability to control a cool guy and take on the challenge by choosing from seven different difficulty levels of Retro Street Fighter. Furthermore, you will be able to use a variety of moves in combat, including punching, kicking, and blocking, among others, to achieve the greatest possible attack distance. However, be wary because some enemies are formidable and dangerous.

How To Play

  • Click to move up and down to avoid taking any damage.

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