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Ride Shooter

In the game Ride Shooter, you will control your vehicle through many different environments and eliminate many types of criminals you encounter. Imagine being able to traverse treacherous landscapes, overrun countryside and barren cities, all while the undead are lurking around every corner, hungry for the living.

You will be able to see your car on the screen in front of you and it will move faster and faster on the road as it goes. On top of the vehicle will be placed a machine gun. To avoid obstacles and other traps while moving quickly, you will need to skillfully control your body. Once you have identified the enemy vehicle, you will have to start firing with the machine gun and bring it into your sights. You will earn points in Ride Shooter game if you can score points by shooting accurately and eliminating your opponents. Each level introduces new obstacles and zombie hordes, each possessing its own set of abilities and limitations. Reacting quickly and preparing strategically is essential to successfully move through large groups of people and to safe areas.

How To Play

  • Click to aim and shoot zombies.

Thanks to the game's user-friendly controls, you will have a smooth and enjoyable experience. In addition, you can also discover more similar games in our Shooter collection!


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