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Riders Downhill Racing

Welcome to the exciting racing game Riders Downhill Racing, in which you will have the opportunity to participate in thrilling experiences with the riders. You have twenty thrilling levels ahead of you and to complete them you will need to stay ahead of all your competitors and be the first to cross the finish line.

Choose from a variety of game modes, such as free ride, race, and career, accessible in both single-player and two-player modes simultaneously. Wearing a variety of outfits, you'll have the chance to experience the thrill of riding a variety of vehicles, including ATVs, dirt bikes, and speedboats. Get into any mode and you'll have a great time! Don't forget to collect diamonds while you're on a free ride so you can unlock more goods. You will earn money to buy new cars if you succeed in the race. Accumulate enough diamonds to purchase one-of-a-kind sports apparel for your character. Spend some time in free mode and practice your abilities as you travel through many exciting destinations. When participating in Riders Downhill Racing, you will receive daily gifts if you spin the lucky wheel.

How To Play

Player 1:

  • WASD = move
  • Q = jump
  • Z = parachute
  • Tab = transfer vehicle
  • C = change camera view
  • R = reboot.

Player 2:

  • Arrow keys = move
  • K = jump
  • P = parachute
  • L = reboot.

Can you take a shortcut and take the lead in this race? Practice your driving skills by competing with friends in games: Crazy Traffic Racer, Drift Challenge Turbo Racer.

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