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Road Climb Racer

In the game Road Climb Racer, you will play the role of Tom, a young aspiring racer and embark on a journey he has never experienced before. The goal is to beat the remaining racers and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

From hill to mountain, from city to metropolis, and even to the moon without any regard for the laws of physics! Overcome countless obstacles accompanied by one-of-a-kind hill climbing scenery and choose from a variety of vehicles. Get bonuses through the use of Flip Tricks. Earn money by competing against a large number of opponents and upgrade vehicles by getting new styles, speeds, acceleration and jumps to complete all levels in Road Climb Racer. Make sure you maintain balance by slowing down as you approach the ramp and increasing your speed once you have successfully landed on the ramp. You can improve your jeep by collecting coins. Optionally enhance the vehicle's speed and acceleration or protect it with improved armor.

How To Play

  • Click to move your racing car.

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