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Seat Jam 3D

Seat Jam 3D is a highly engaging brain-training puzzle game where your goal is to place players in their assigned seats to ensure all guests are seated. For safety reasons, each passenger must sit in their assigned seat. Are you confident in your ability to manage all this tedious work?

To choose a seat for a passenger, just click on the person and then click on the seat number. The first few levels aren't too difficult to grasp, but you'll soon realize that you need to put a lot of thought into correctly seating all the passengers. The hardest part of Seat Jam 3D is trying to complete the level with a certain number of moves. Please note that squares currently occupied by passenger traffic cannot be used for other types of transport. When everyone has settled down, the light will turn green. You can easily identify your passengers' destinations just by looking at their numbers and letters. When dealing with difficult seating situations, unhappy customers, or any other issue, it's best to get people to their seats before disturbing them.


How To Play

  • Click to arrange seats for each passenger.

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