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Skibidi StickBloons

Skibidi StickBloons is a puzzle game that immerses you in the challenge as you assist Skibidi to pop all the balloons in various arenas. Prepare yourself for a mix of precision, skill and puzzle solving challenges, making each level a unique and engaging experience.

Your goal is simple: blow up all the balloons in a level to advance. However, keep in mind that you have a limited number of arrows per level. Running out of arrows before eliminating all targets means restarting the level. As you progress through the 20 levels, the difficulty increases, with more bubbles and more difficult locations to test your skills. Are you ready for this thrilling challenge? Join now and stay tuned for more great games to come!

How To Play

  • Using your computer mouse or your finger, aim and shoot arrows at the balloons flying in the air.

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