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Sky Fall

Paratroopers aren't the only ones who may enjoy the thrill of freefall with Sky Fall; the sport is also a popular mode of play in this game. In Sky Fall, your goal is to make sure that everyone who wants to jump is able to do so safely. To begin the flight, the scale must be decreased and the jumper placed within the contoured polygon's boundaries. The body contour is off-limits, but all other areas are fair game. To that end, it's crucial to act in this way, and the hero will then be able to fly through the corresponding hole in the glass circle, thus completing the mission. Damage will exclude you from receiving the award. If you're a good pilot, you'll need to take additional care to avoid hitting birds and engines in Skyfall.

How to play Sky Fall 

Simply clicking the play button will initiate the game and allow you to make space leaps.

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