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Slice it All

About Slice it All

If you want to become a Slice it All, the most enjoyable way to get there is to face challenges head-on and learn to use them to your advantage. To cleanly divide various barriers along your path in half, touch the corresponding button to flip your knife. Your knife is razor sharp, and nothing can stop you now. You'll need to time the flick of your knife just right to get past pencils, pipes, anvils, and more. Even when the knife is in the air, you can't let go of it. Your run is doomed if you even think about approaching the ocean. 

Results from the tests are displayed in dour gray tables. A game that is both simple and difficult to master, with an attractive and soothing aesthetic thanks to its well-balanced gameplay and vibrant visuals. You can check out some of our fun games like Fruit Ninja.

How To Play

 Swipe your finger across the screen to swing your knife and cut through the astounding obstacles blocking your path to the finish line. When the knife reaches the scoreboard in the final second, victory is yours. When the cutter collides with something, it breaks.


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