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Slime Ball

About Slime Ball

Welcome to Slime Ball! In this two-way soccer game, you take on the role of a slime. There are single-player and multiplayer modes, in addition to a number of other playable maps. It is possible for you to have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself! Playing football while disguised as slime is an incredibly enjoyable experience. This engaging game will absolutely prevent you from taking your eyes off of it because to its stunning graphical user interface as well as its highly lifelike sound and visual quality. Learn more about the game right now!




How To Play

Player 1: W allows you to jump to the left, A allows you to turn left, and D allows you to turn right. "Shoot": "Distance"; "Aim"

Up for player 2: Directional arrow pointing to the left The Left and Right Indicator If you want to go right, just follow the arrow. It's time to fire!


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