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About Slope

A ball can be driven down many slopes and obstacles in the amazing speed running game called Slope and test your endurance. In this running game your goal is to get a high score by hitting the ball as far as you can. Features easy-to-use controls and fast-paced action. To get started, press the arrow keys on your keyboard. Keep the ball from rolling down the edge of the ramp full of red obstacles. The longer you can keep the ball moving without hitting anything, the faster it will go. Playing this game is both thrilling and difficult. Many repetitions will help you master the art of keeping the ball rolling downhill without hitting any obstructions. If you like action-packed platformers, you'll love this game. Join more game Heroball Run to practice your skills.

How To Play

Avoid hazards and compensate for the effects of gravity. Use the arrow keys to navigate the ball.


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