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Snowball Destroyer

About Snowball Destroyer

To play Snowball Destroyer, you don the role of a dapper man dressed as Santa Claus and hurl snowballs at an unidentified snow city. Getting the most distance out of your snowball throw requires you to use all your strength. Quickly regains control of the snowball after it has landed. Learn to maneuver around obstacles by making quick u-turns and expanding your snowball. If you want to maximize your score, you'll need to be on your game. Will you show the world why your ideas and methods are the best? About to score the highest score ever in a Snow Rider 3D game!

How to play Snowball Destroyer

When Santa throws a snowball, a band of color appears over him. You can't count on the red throw to do much, but the green one will. Touch the screen when the jog arrow flies over the green area.

How To Play


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