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Space Room Escape

Space Room Escape is an extremely fun puzzle game where the goal is to escape from a scary room by successfully collecting hints and solving various puzzles. We invite you to try your hand and take on the role of commanding the cutest cat in adventure games that are both mischievous and action-packed.

To effectively escape the space room, you can interact with various objects. To select an item from a list of items, you can tap the item and then select it. Touching the objects will then allow you to use the object you have selected. After selecting an item, you have the option of clicking the magnifying glass icon to perform a more complex search for that item. At this point, you have the option to pair it with another item or use it with another item. It's time to start the exotic cat rescue! Have a great time!


How To Play

  • Interact with items by pressing the left mouse button.

After completing the adventure with cats, you can see some other games on our site, such as: Banana Cat Escape, Soldier Cat Boy Escape.

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