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Speedy Paws

Speedy Paws is an entertaining arcade game where you get to ride on a kitten's fur with the goal being to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. Let's see how fast this fluffy animal can reach its destination!

In fact, you will now assist this adorable animal in conquering its fears. The cat loves to explore dangerous areas but is too scared to pass this test. A spinning hammer, a saw, a spinning spiked obstacle and countless other dangers await her. Anything that could hurt your animal must be avoided. As you race to the finish line in Speedy Paws, collect cash and crystals to buy a shield and extra lives. Get coins to buy shields or extra lives and crystals to unlock new skins. Make the kitten brave and take her to a safe place so she is no longer afraid of scary places.

How To Play

  • Use WASD and spacebar to jump if you play on PC.
  • Touch the phone screen to run and move your finger left/right to jump.

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