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Squid Adventures

The Squid Adventures team has decided it's best not to sweat the small stuff, so they've amassed a list of every obstacle that gamers must overcome. You've got six rounds of competition ahead of you, and the first one—the "Red and Green Lantern"—is here. In order to avoid missing the lantern's signal, you must hurry to the girl's robot. Each competitor will be given a dalgona and asked to carve an extremely detailed figure into it using only a needle and thread for the inventiveness phase of the tournament.

As its name implies, the third section, "tug of war," requires no explanation. All you have to do to win this task is toss the hefty spheres into the bright yellow ring. The fifth challenge consists of navigating a glass bridge while avoiding a fall due to the bricks' precarious placement. Sixth and final round will be completed with a square game. Getting to the center of the square field first is essential to victory. Participate in the test right now!

How to play Squid Adventures

Both mouse and touch screen navigation are available on mobile devices.

How To Play


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