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Squid Challenge Glass Bridge

About Squid Challenge Glass Bridge

One of the riskiest games in the well-liked 3D Squid Fishing Game series is Squid Challenge Glass Bridge. Pay great attention to the directions so that you can successfully cross the glass bridge and reach the finish line. The objective of The Glass Bridge is to reach safety. The appropriate pair of glasses will help you see clearly again. One of the two glasses on stage broke under the pressure because of the tempering process. Normal glass is deadly if you put your foot through it. There are five tiers of challenge available to you. Keep in mind that if you don't make it to the other side before the time runs out, you lose. You may test your mettle in this thrilling game right now by joining in.

How to play Squid Challenge Glass Bridge

To select a variety of actions, simply use the mouse's right click menu.


How To Play


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