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Stack Crash Ball

About Stack Crash Ball

In the regular game Stack Crash Ball, players have to smash, bump, and bounce their way through rotating stacks of twists to try to come to the conclusion of the game. Your ball may pierce the colorful stacks blocking its way down like a brick, but if it collides with a black ball, the game is over. The ball you are rolling is broken into millions of pieces and you have to start your fall again. However, even the black stacks don't stop a fireball moving at full speed and heading straight for them!

You have two options for your game plan: run as fast as you can or stop and wait for the next chance to roll and jump. Stack Crash Ball is a casual one-touch game that very interesting and highly addictive. Keep pressing and holding on the screen and try not to let the ball collide with any obstacles as it falls. Hold your ball for as long as possible to create a combo and destroy black stacks.

How to play Stack Crash Ball

- Keep your finger pressed down on the screen to speed up the ball.

- You are not allowed to touch or break black compartments in any way.

- Stack Ball will turn into Fire Ball when continuous tapping action takes place.

- Please assist your ball in taking down all levels of the tower.

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