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Stair Race 3D

Stair Race 3D is a great game that requires you to race to collect planks to build a ladder. Show off your lightning-fast reflexes and agility here.

A competitive mode will be enabled in the game. On the air platform, you will have to sprint and collect these planks. Get to the second platform as quickly as possible by building a ladder. If your opponent starts catching up to you, you have the option of stopping him by making his game slower. Also, defeat your opponent by knocking him out if you have accumulated more games than them. Remember that anyone who falls to the ground due to impact will lose all obtained boards.

Rules for participating in Stair Race 3D

This game requires a little more than lightning reflexes and some strategic mind. To keep up with your opponents and complete the level quickly, you'll need to build stairs using on-screen controls. Build your stairs faster than your opponents if you want to level up and earn more points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember that accuracy is just as important as speed, so keep your eyes on the road.
  • If you build stairs that are not aligned with your next moves, you will waste time and give your opponent an advantage.
  • Moving into an enemy while you have more planks than them will cause them to fall and lose all their planks, which you can then collect.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or the drag and drop feature to move.
  • Create your own stairs by importing the available steps.
  • Collect boards by moving on boards of your color.

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