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Stick Soccer 3D

A brand new style of soccer video game called Stick Soccer 3D is now available. Playing this game will grant you access to a wide variety of tools. Which incorporates a wide range of variables, such as teams, match tactics, stadiums, and more. Playing solo or with a partner is an option. In addition to the regular game mode, you can play in a "speed mode" and kick off a football match with no time constraints. At the conclusion of the tournament, the victor will be presented with the trophy. The field is now ready for football games. Keep in mind that you can acquire new kicking strategies and soccer teams on the game's market.

How to play Stick Soccer 3D

Each player uses one set of controls in turn. To take a shot, "LEFT CLICK" on an opponent, move the mouse to aim, and then click again to fire.

How To Play


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