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Stickman Ragdoll Playground

In Stickman Ragdoll Playground, a free fall competition, you will feel the acrobatic and bone breaking sensations as you try to destroy everything for fun. Enjoy yourself as you destroy a variety of courses and cars!

A fun, physics-based experience is what the game aims to provide to players. Bones break, limbs sprain, and ragdoll physics explode in the strangest way possible, leading to hilarious results. Countless levels await you in this free fall challenge game, each individually designed to maximize your fun.

Achievements will not take effect until you select a level from the main menu before starting the game. Clicking the "Repeat Game" button will not add the game to your achievements. Try to put a variety of vehicles through their paces, each with the potential to cause mayhem and mayhem. Jump around, smash bones and enjoy the mayhem as you dive headfirst into this wild universe!

How To Play

  • Causes terrible, bone-breaking blows with the click of a mouse.

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