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Stickman vs Zombies

Stickman vs Zombies is an action-packed game to fight zombies, very thrilling and attractive, so it is getting a lot of love from young people. Fight your way through difficult terrains rife with hordes of zombies and deadly traps that are deadly not only for ninjas but also for zombies like giant saw blades, fire, acid, explosive barrels, spikes, spears, rolling stones.... You have some very impressive parkour skills, including the ability to scale platforms and hang from great heights. Incredible combo moves in the melee arena! Many platformer levels to complete and a huge number of waves to beat! A variety of guns and tactics to eliminate all zombies! Fighting zombies can be accomplished through the use of ninja knife throwing and sword combo attacks. Be quick or zombies will get you!

How to play Stickman vs Zombies

Move through chaotic and violent levels using your ninja skills while avoiding thunderbolts and explosions. Use your timing and accuracy to avoid traps and get various power-ups.


How To Play


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