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Stupid Zombies

About Stupid Zombies

You have entered the Stupid Zombies! They reanimated those idiotic zombies, and now you are humanity's last, best hope for stopping those zombies from becoming into intelligent beings. However, you should be aware that ammo is limited, and if you want to complete all 60 levels, you will need to be resourceful and make the best possible use of grenades, straight bullets, split-shots, and backpacks. body. A human being, a shotgun, and a big number of mindless zombies are the items in this picture. You need to kill a variety of enemies in order to survive, and doing so will make you feel like you're firing bullets in an uncontrolled manner. Enjoy your time spent playing!

How to play Stupid Zombies

You control the game with your mouse and have access to a broad variety of lethal guns and weaponry over the game's 200 challenging stages.


How To Play


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