About Supermarket

Supermarket is an interesting and engaging shopping game. Do you love going to the grocery store and looking for new and interesting things, or do you enjoy spending your time doing other things? In this game, you can go grocery shopping, clothing shopping, toy shopping, and even more. You'll be in charge of cleaning up after patrons mess up, tidying up food, slicing fruit, and even baking. Grab a shopping cart, double-check what's on your list, and get ready to explore the different areas of the store!

Try making as much money as you can by working as a grocery store manager. Maintaining a high level of operational efficiency during your product supply expansion and providing additional empty shelves is essential. Continue to expand your grocery store to accumulate as much wealth as possible before the end of the game.

How to play Supermarket

You need to do well with a bunch of simple mini games to earn stars. Mini-games become available after a certain number of stars have been collected.


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