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Tall Man Evolution

Tall Man Evolution is amazing parkour game in which you can become the best version of yourself by jumping from one platform to another. Your only task is to find the most gates of the corresponding color. Enjoy the best parkour game ever created!

Accumulate as much space horizontally and vertically as possible to eliminate robots and progress through the levels. In order for him to grow into a tall, strong man, you should lead that tall man to the right gate. Be careful not to offend your towering friend by getting too close to the hazards in Tall Man Evolution. Now it's time for you to control your hero and start the journey. Do the math, choose the best path for your stickman and finally face him!

Tips and Tricks

  • As the hero runs towards the target, you will need to turn left and right to guide him.
  • Watch out for obstacles because they will be the biggest threat to you on this route.
  • If you help your hero reach the final stage, you will get to see him sprint on the boss level.
  • You can defeat the enemy with just one kick and then get your reward.


  • Beautiful 3D graphics, easy to play.
  • Unlockable character skins.
  • Improve math skills.

How To Play

  • Can collect diamonds and make jumps by pressing buttons.

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