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Tank MIX

Welcome to Tank MIX! In this game, you have to build the most advanced military equipment in space to protect the Earth from invaders. By connecting multiple tanks, more powerful tanks can be obtained. If you deploy them on the battlefield, they will eliminate enemy spaceships on their own. Remember to take advantage of the amplifier! The goal of the game is to develop new types of tanks by combining different iterations of existing designs. To combine two tanks into a single one, you must first drag one of the tanks onto the other. On the battlefield, the tank will drive itself and automatically fire at enemy ships. You will earn coins for every successful hit and these coins can be used to purchase previously researched tank models. You can get different boosters from flying drones or buy them from the store.

How to play Tank MIX

You can use the mouse and on-screen accessibility keys to control the tanks.


How To Play


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