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Taxi Driver Simulator

Taxi Driver Simulator is a fun driving simulator in which you will play as a taxi driver who has amassed millions of dollars in his long and storied career. The goal of the game is to get the taxi driver to their destination on the small map as quickly as possible within a time limit.

Earn the title of "qualified taxi driver" after completing 80 levels in Work Mode with a score of 3 gold stars. Quickly collect the riders and drop them at their location by following the blue signs. To avoid wasting time, slow down before turning. When you earn money, don't forget to buy the other nine cars in the garage! Tap in Free mode and stop at a gas station to pay for gas. You won't level up if you keep helping customers. Accumulate enough wealth to buy brand new cars, maintain them, fill up at the gas station and equip your driver with energy drinks to keep moving without falling asleep. In case Taxi Driver Simulator's taxi breaks down, you don't need to worry; The service offers the option to fix errors for a fee at any time. Earn as much money as possible so you can buy that fancy car you've been eyeing.

How To Play

  • Arrows/WASD = driving controls.
  • Click = view camera.
  • I key = ignition.

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