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The Prism City Detectives

In The Prism City Detectives, you must explore breathtaking disguises and solve mysteries involving hidden things to locate the lost Rainbow Gems. You are tasked with accompanying each woman and assisting them in locating all the components of the missing gem.

You have arrived at Plasma City, a place that is both mysterious and colorful. Up to this point, this location has been characterized by peace and quiet. Every aspect of the town is governed by a gem, responsible for releasing good energy. Identify all the essential components of clothing needed to create the appearance of a genuine detective in the dressing room. Then the next step is to find the stone. It is important to pay attention to every detail to identify hidden diamond locations. Please use the hint if you cannot find the stones you require in The Prism City Detectives. Once you have determined the appropriate number of stones, you are free to continue with the other girls who are also ready to carry out the task.

How To Play

  • Click to locate the hidden stones.

After completing the goal, don't forget to explore other interesting games such as Jewel Treasure, Jewels Blitz 4. Start the game with your close friends right now!

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