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Tiles of the Unexpected

About Tiles of the Unexpected

In the puzzle game Tiles of the Unexpected, players try to clear the board by selecting groups of tiles that are next to each other. The grid's cells are disorganized in a chaotic fashion. To begin, click on groups of cells that are the same. After being removed, the cells beneath them, or a blank area indicating that the cells below them are to be removed, will be exposed. The cells above will expand to fill the void left after the ones below are eliminated. Combos are formed when dropping tiles onto a group of identical tiles. You may rack up points with combos and save explosives for later by storing them. The key to success is a well-thought-out plan that specifies the optimal order in which to carry out your actions; otherwise, you risk failing after you've done everything you can. The round will end when the cursor changes to a bomb. If you're ready, then we can get started with the puzzle action.

How to play Tiles of the Unexpected

Bricks can be blown up and tiles selected with the mouse.


How To Play


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