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Traffic Control Time

Traffic Control Time is a game that controls the flow of traffic, by initiating traffic on a lane by clicking on the clock showing the correct time given in question. This is a traffic control game. There are four different meters and each meter is connected to a different set of traffic lights. If you touch a watch that is showing the requested time, it will turn a green signal, while the signal for other watches will remain red. You will have a certain amount of time in each level to exercise control over the flow of traffic. While trying to avoid congestion, try to answer as many questions as possible in the time you have. If you touch the wrong clock, the game will end immediately for you. As you progress through the levels of the game, the difficulty will gradually increase. Why don't you try and see how many points you can earn with this game?

How to play Traffic Control Time

To play this game you can use a mouse or trackpad.


How To Play


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