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Ultimate Plants TD

Ultimate Plants TD is a thrilling arcade game in which you are tasked with controlling an army of plants that will defend the garden from countless zombies. As you progress in the game, you will encounter several difficult levels in which you will have to protect your lovely garden from the onslaught of zombies trying to harm it.

To win the war and withstand every attack, you will need to build a strong defense. In case the circumstances on the battlefield are not favorable for you, you should activate additional bonuses that will help you change the tide of battle. You will earn coins to improve your warrior's features if you successfully complete the tests as they are held. Collect enough shards to unlock a new and different character in Ultimate Plants TD. Participate in the lottery and complete daily tasks to increase your chances of winning more money. To receive daily prizes, you must first enter the game and then fight the final boss.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to drag and place zombies into boxes on the screen.

Are you ready to join the fight with the ferocious zombies, determined to destroy everything that stands in their way? Explore more of our Action collection to experience!

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